2013 January

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The CLHOA Board met on January 8, 2013 at Italian Gardens.  Those present:  Jane Witherell (President),  Lori Bodinger,  Kelly Thessing, Warren Morey (Treasurer) and Robyn Jones (Secretary).

Board members who were not present at the November board meeting were updated on the discussion with Mr. Ivy, and the minutes were read aloud.  Mr. Ivy has not updated any board members on this situation, but Jane Witherell plans to invite him to the annual meeting to update homeowners. 

Plans to organize Christmas decoration take-down was discussed and Robyn Jones volunteered to take down the lights at the entrance after the meeting.

Signs to announce the time and location of the 2013 annual meeting will be ordered and placed at the entrance and at the T two weeks prior to the meeting.  Warren Morey informed the Board that postcards will be mailed out to residents in Cove Landing two weeks prior to the meeting from Attorney Carol Collins’ office by mass mail.  These postcards will be addressed to “occupant” at each address, to ensure delivery to each home. 

It is time to take bids for the 2013 lawn care contract for Cove Landing.  Jane Witherell contacted the Cove Landing accountant, Hallie Holt, to compare figures from 2011 and 2012 in payout to lawn care providers.  Brandon’s Lawn Care had the contract in 2011, and the CLHOA Board elected to give the contract to B&A in 2012, as their bid was lower.  $2997.35 was paid out to Brandon’s Lawn Care in 2011, $189 was paid out to Earthworks, and $400 was paid out to Green Lawn.  As of May 2011, $2197.31 was paid out to B&A, and they provided chemical treatment, so nothing was paid out to Green Lawn that the Board is aware of. B&A has since changed ownership, and it was suggested to Jane Witherell that if they renewed their contract for 2013, they would need to increase their prices.  Some small signs have recently been noticed near the entrance to the subdivision, possibly from Green Lawn.  Jane check on the way back into the neighborhood and check with them to be sure they are not still treating the grass at the entrance, as chemical care was included with B&A’s contract.  The Board will seek bids from lawn care providers and will arrange maintenance for 2013 within the next month. 

Details of what items to bring to the annual meeting were arranged next.  Plans to serve coffee and cookies to residents at the annual meeting were made. 

A hard copy of the original Bi-Laws and Covenants is necessary to officially file the documents with the Circuit Clerk’s Office.  Jane Witherell and Robyn Jones will locate these documents and they will be filed with the courthouse. 

Culverts that need replacement at the bottom of the east side of Channel Circle will be brought to the attention of the County Road Department.  Jane will contact Sid Gray and ask him to send a crew out to take a look at the culverts, which are not functioning properly due to being full of debris and dirt and misshapen. 

Plans to repave Walleye have been pending for some time, and the County Road Department reports this is due to temperatures being too high or too low anytime they have been available to do it. 

The street light at the T is flickering and may need to be repaired or replaced.  Jane Witherell will contact Entergy to arrange this. 

The meeting adjourned at approximately 1:00 p.m.