2012 May

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The Cove Landing Homeowners Association (CLHOA)  Board met on Tuesday, May 1 at 11:30 a.m. at Brangus Feed Lot.  Those present were Jane Witherell (president), Gerald Riley (vice president), Warren Morey (treasurer), Lori Bodinger, and Robyn Jones (secretary).

The Board discussed bringing a dumpster into the neighborhood for the use of residents that want to do spring cleaning.  After speaking to representatives from Lee’s Trash Service, Warren concluded that it would be impossible to ensure that materials that are prohibited by the trash company (yard waste, paint, etc) wouldn’t end up being put into the dumpsters.  However, Gerald volunteered to “man” a dumpster, if one that could be locked was available to rent for one weekend. Warren and Gerald will look into this further to determine if this is an option for the neighborhood-wide clean up.

Because of time constraints, Scott Savage spoke with Jane about stepping down from his position on the board.  Jane proposed the board invite former board member Ernie Enchelmayer to replace Scott.  All were in favor of this.  Jane will contact Ernie to see if he would be willing to join the Board again to fill Scott’s spot.

Warren Morey showed the Board the response letters that some homeowners mailed in after receiving collection letters from Attorney Carol Collins on behalf of the Homeowners Association.  Several homeowners expressed anger that they were not informed that they were to pay annual dues to the Association.  While the Board is not required to mail out notices to property owners regarding their responsibility to contribute annually to the Association, Warren suggests that a simple postcard can be mailed to each home next year,addressed to “Occupant,” informing the residents that Association dues are due.  The filing of liens will be persued against those that are still delinquent.

The Board will organize an event in June for the second annual meeting.  It will be an “Ice Cream Social.” Jane Witherell will contact Cold Stone Creamery to check into sceduling them to set up a booth during the event, to serve event attendees their product.  The Board will advertise the event with a sign that will be ordered from Posey printing at the beginning of June, and information about the event will be posted on the HOA Facebook group page.

Gerald Riley presented the Board with a letter from Bob Burnett.  In the letter, Mr. Burnett explains a drainage problem in his back yard: A ditch that runs through the Burnett’s back yard was originally designed to continue on through adjoining properties’ back yards.Recently, on both sides, the ditches have been filled in on adjoining properties.  This is causing water to fill in the ditch in the Burnett’s yard, with nowhere to drain off.  Mr. Burnett asked the Board to review his proposal to fill in the ditch to remedy the problem of standing water in his back yard.  Gerald went on to explain further to the Board how doing this could affect neighboring properties, and whether further problems were likely to develop.  Board members intend to investigate why developers have filled in existing drainage ditches, and see that this doesn’t happen again in the future.  A motion was made to give The Burnett’s approval on filling in this ditch, as there seems to be no other way to remedy the problem.  Motion was seconded and all were in favor, with none opposed.

Gerald spoke to the Board about recent complaints about 4-wheelers that are racing through the neighborhood.  Some residents have reported seeing young people speeding at dangerous speeds on streets within the neighborhood, some of which appear to be racing each other.Gerald has stopped several recently and they have been told to slow down.  The streets in Cove Landing are county roads, which are patrolled by the Pope County Sheriff’s Department.  As traveling on 4-wheelers on county roads is against the law, residents areencouraged to call and report dangerous and/or illegal activities to the Sherriff’s Department.  Homeowners, if you see anyone using their 4-wheelers in dangerous or illegal ways, please report it.

The Board discussed the responsibility of realtors to provide new homeowners the HOA’s restrictive covenants and bi-laws for Cove Landing.  It is not clear as to whether all realtors are fulfilling this responsibility when selling homes in the neighborhood.

The meeting adjourned at approximately12:45 p.m.

Please note: No CLHOA dues monies are used for meals, drinks or mileage reimbursement to boardmembers attending the monthly meetings. All board members serve voluntarily.