2012 July

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The CLHOA Board met on July 10, 2012 at 11:30 a.m. at Italian Gardens.  Board members present: Jane Witherell, President; Gerald Riley, Vice President; Lori Bodinger; Kelly Thessing;  Valerie Enchelmayer; and Robyn Jones, Secretary.

A basketball goal has been installed on the curb in front of the property at 168 Bluefish Avenue.  On June 12, 2012, the homeowner at this address sought the approval of the CLHOA board for installing a permanently-mounted basketball goal, that requires the use of concrete in securing it in its place.  The Board voted to deny approval for the installation of such a basketball goal because of the safety risks involved in using the cul-de-sac in front of the home as a basketball court on a permanent basis.  Additionally, it was discussed that the mounting of a basketball goal in that area would pose a threat to fire officials being able to access the area to distinguish a fire if there ever were to be one. The Board will send the homeowners a letter requesting that the basketball goal be removed or be made portable.

Gerald Riley is seeking volunteers to help on Halloween night this year to direct traffic through the neighborhood.  In past years, the neighborhood has  become so congested with vehicles transporting trick-or-treaters as well as vehicles towing trailers full of children that residents have had trouble leaving the neighborhood as well as coming home from being gone.  Mr. Riley proposes that one or two men be at the entrance to the neighborhood and another one or two men be at the “T” – and the men direct cars to stay to one side of the street and possibly designate a parking area in vacant lots.  The Board discussed the possibility of hiring an off-duty police officer to aide in the directing of traffic on Halloween night and will look into doing so. 

The Treasurer was not present at the meeting to give a report of what, if any, response was received from River Valley Reality in regard to the drainage ditch issue that they were asked to address in a letter sent out last month.

Letters will be sent out to homes that have posted commercial signs on their property to inform them that doing so is prohibited in the CLHOA restrictive covenants.  Homeowners posting commercial signs on their property will be asked to remove them.

The Board discussed with Gerald Riley the decrease in the number of reports of crime in the neighborhood in the last year, as compared to previous years.  The Board believes that the decrease in reports of crime is thanks to the installation of the security cameras in the front of the neighborhood, as well as the installation of several new street lights throughout the neighborhood. 

The Board meeting adjourned at approximately 1:00 p.m.