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May 3, 2011

The Cove Landing HOA Board met on Tuesday, 03 May 2011 at the Brangus Feed Lot and Steakhouse on East Main Street in Russellville, AR, at 11:30 AM.

Members of the Board present: Ernie Enchelmayer (President), Jane Witherell (Vice President), Lori Bodinger (Treasurer), Gerald Riley, Ron Chenault, Randy Roush, and Robyn Jones (Secretary). Cove Landing resident Kelly Thessing also attended.

Issues with drainage problems around the Channel Circle/Sturgeon intersection have been brought to the Board’s attention.   Homeowners living in the area dealt with overflow of  water from drainage ditches during the recent rainstorms.  Certain homes are “catching” much of the water flow from neighboring lots and there are concerns about flooding.  A motion was made to ask the Pope County Road Department for attention to this problem and all Board members were in favor. Jane Witherell agreed to visit with Sid Gray from the county road department about looking into this particular issue and determining what can be done to diminish the problem.

The topic of resuming the Yard of the Month award was the next item discussed.  Once the “Yard of the Month” sign is located, a few Cove Landing residents that are regular walkers in the neighborhood will be asked to act as judges in deciding which yard looks the nicest each month, beginning in June.  Ideas for prizes were discussed, including gift cards to a local nursery or perhaps another retail location.  In the past, Taylor’s Nursery has donated gift cards for this cause.  Lori Bodinger was asked to check into the budget to determine if funds from the HOA account can be allocated for the purchase of gift cards for this award. Board members will check with Taylor’s Nursery to see if they are interested in or willing to help out with this again.

The Treasurer’s report was next.  The current balance in the Cove Landing HOA account is $10,486.40.  58 homes still have not paid annual dues to date.  In comparison to last year, the HOA bills have increased.  Additional street lights have increased the electric bill.  A monthly charge is paid for the security system at the entrance to Cove Landing.  $620 has been paid out just for landscaping so far this year.  The Treasurer was asked to look at last year’s bills and compare them to this year’s bills so a percentage increase can be recognized.  An idea to raise annual dues was discussed, but the Board agrees that collecting those dues that are currently past due shall remain top priority at this time. A suggestion was made to consider looking into an electronic funds transfer (EFT) payment-method for those that may be interested in paying annual dues at the beginning of each year automatically by bank draft. Letters will be sent out notifying those that have not paid that their HOA dues are now past due.

The Arkansas Crime Investigation Center’s website has a sex offender registry search tool.  Their website is: www.acic.org.  It is important to stay informed about registered sex offenders in the area and this tool can help everyone stay informed.

The idea of organizing a “Cove Landing Clean-up” was revisited.  Board members will price dumpsters (and the associated hauling and tipping fees) from local waste management companies and determine which company will be the most cost-efficient.  The Board will discuss this further at the June meeting, as the event will be tentatively organized in the coming summer months.

The Board is considering organizing another ice cream social event this summer and will discuss details further at June meeting.

Finally, the Board discussed the Swopes’ pool deck issue.  The Board has received no verbal or otherwise response from the Swopes to the letter that was sent to them last year.  The letter was regarding the above-ground pool deck that was constructed last summer that is posing a privacy issue to the properties surrounding theirs due to the height of the deck, which overlooks the existing 6 foot high privacy fence – and the Cove Landing C&Rs that were violated when constructing it.  The Board’s next step will likely be to seek the advice of an attorney.

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 1:00 p.m.