April 2017

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Last Wednesday, 4/19/17, the CLHOA board met at 350 Walleye Drive for general business. Board members present were Danny Minyard, Randy Roush, Warren Morey, Larry Langrell, Terry Thomas, Agalia Baker, Jane Witherell joined by Zoom conference, and we welcomed a new potential board member, Mary Knickerbocker.

First order of business was addressing the new security system. The cost is the same as for the previous company, $300 per month. We did have to add Suddenlink business internet service at $100 per month. This was the lowest plan offered. The security system has a static IP address and access will be placed on devices for a maximum of 5 volunteer users. At this point, if anyone needs the feed viewed for any reason, please contact the Cove Landing email address covelandingrussellville@gmail.com.

Larry Langrell was nominated for president of the CLHOA and has accepted the position.

Danny Minyard reported that our street lights are not the type that a directional shield can be applied to reduce the amount of light the shines into homes. Larry Langrell will look into the feasibility and cost of changing the fixtures on the existing poles. He plans to have the lights that are leaning straightened.

The new website for the Cove is up and looks great thanks to Patrick McConnell.

The board and Jim Knight, the developer for Cove Landing, are working together to call a general meeting. Topics for discussion include the encroachment of the land owner on the north side of Pike Lane attempting to use Cove roads for access and the new constructions on Bluefish. Mr. Knight may discuss removing the flood plane status for homes in the Cove that were rezoned without being surveyed a few years ago. He states that the affected owners can apply for the removal of the status and the cost is about equivalent to one year of flood insurance.

Other business included a final report of fees collected and the remaining accounts that are delinquent. I will be contacting our attorneys for collection of these dues. As of today, 4/24/17, there are only 6 residences that are not in compliance. The ornamental pear trees at the Cove entrance are all infected with blight that is killing them. They will need removed by a tree service and the stumps ground down. The plans for replacing the trees may be open for discussion at the general meeting. Extreme Lawn will submit an estimate for renewal of the landscaping at the entrance since some of the shrubs are diseased/dying. The landscaping needs updated and overgrown boxwoods removed. Edwin Walker repaired the flood lights at the Cove entrance for us. Now the entrance looks much better. The drainage ditch on the East end of the entrance is blocked. Terry Thomas will contact the county for necessary repairs. Business card sized refrigerator magnets with CLHOA contact information will be ordered and distributed to residents.

The problem of unmowed lots and yards was brought to the board’s attention. Randy Roush made a motion to reinstate the policy of enforcing owners to mow a minimum of 3X per year in May, July and September. The motion was seconded and passed. There is a home in the Cove that is under foreclosure. The owner passed away recently and some people have taken up residence in the home. The yard is grossly overgrown. Regions Bank cannot have the yard mowed until the foreclosure is finalized unless the home is vacant. If the yard gets mowed, it will be most likely at the CLHOA expense. That concluded the meeting for the CLHOA.