2012 March

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The Cove Landing HOA Board met on March 6, 2012 at 11:30 a.m. at Brangus Feed Lot. 

Those present: Jane Witherell, President; Gerald Riley, Vice President; Warren Morey, Treasurer; Lori Bodinger; and Robyn Jones, Secretary.

The Board discussed the shrubs that have died along the west side of the entrance that need to be replaced.  The shrubs were replaced last year, but have since died.  Robyn Jones will price new shrubs and seek advice from horticulturist to find solution to why shrubs have not survived.

Gerald Riley spoke to Jeff Kimbrough from River Valley Satellite about the lighting at the entrance, and Mr. Kimbrough checked them out and determined that a power surge had blown the relay switches.  They were reset and bulbs were replaced. Gerald has asked Jeff to figure an estimate on repairing the electrical problems that are causing the lights to burn out.  Warren Morey will look into installing surge protectors to prevent this in the future.  Gerald Riley spoke to the Board about a rough estimate he was quoted on the cost of installing new post-style lights or globe-style lights in place of the vases on the brick retaining walls at the entrance, and it was determined it would cost anywhere between $200-$600 per light, depending on the fixtures chosen.  The Board discussed alternate solutions to the lighting problem, including installing a street light near the entrance.  Jane Witherell will contact Entergy and ask them to come out and let us know where a street light can be placed.  All agreed that the best place for a street light is on the West side of Walleye, north of the brick wall, so Jane Witherell will consult with Entergy about this possibility.

The sprinklers at the entrance need to be functional soon, so Chris Olson from B&A Property Maintenance will be contacted to coordinate this.

The Board has heard from a number of residents concerning an RV camper parked on the property at 49 Walleye.  Concerns that it is being used as housing has been brought to the attention of the Board, as there appears to be electrical cords powering the unit.  After several failed attempts to make contact with the homeowners in person at their home, the Board will send the homeowners a letter, informing them of the concerns of the neighborhood and will cite the covenants  that prohibit RVs from being parked on property in Cove Landing within view from the street, and also prohibit structures such as RVs from being used temporarily or permanently to serve as housing for any person.

Gerald Riley reported to the Board that several incidences of vandalism to mailboxes have been reported by residents.  Gerald plans to post a report on the Cove Landing HOA Facebook page to notify parents of this, as it is believed that youngsters within the neighborhood could be responsible for the vandalisms to the mailboxes.

The Board is planning a neighborhood-wide spring clean up opportunity at the end of March.  Warren Morey will talk to Lee’s Trash Service and attempt to arrange a dumpster to be placed on the cul-de-sac on the east end of Bluefish for one full week, during which Cove Landing residents are invited to use the dumpster to throw away unwanted items/trash from their homes/garages.  YARD WASTE of any kind (tree limbs, sticks, grass clippings, leaves, etc.) is NOT to be placed into the dumpster, as the trash company will not pick up yard waste.  An announcement about the dumpster will be made on the Cove Landing HOA Facebook page.

The Treasurer, Warren Morey, will bring a list of lot numbers that have not yet paid 2012 dues to attorney Carol Collins this month.

The meeting adjourned at approximately 1:00 p.m.

Please note: No CLHOA dues monies are used for meals, drinks or mileage reimbursement to boardmembers attending the monthly meetings. All board members serve voluntarily.