2012 January

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The CLHOA Board met on January 10, 2012 at Brangus Feed Lot.Board members present: Ernie Enchelmayer (President), Jane Witherell (Vice President), Lori Bodinger (Treasurer), Gerald Riley, Ron Chenault, and Robyn Jones (Secretary).  Also present were Chris Olson and Michael Hatch, representing B&A Property Maintenance.

Mr. Olson and Mr. Hatch addressed the Board and explained the history of B&A Property Maintenance.  Examples of businesses that the company has had service contracts with were provided as references.  Mr. Olson presented the Board with a proposal of services for landscaping for the 2012 calendar year for Cove Landing.  The proposal outlined the services that B&A Property Maintenance could offer to Cove Landing, which included weekly visits to Cove Landing to perform landscaping services from the months April through November.  Bi-weekly visits for lawn care and maintenance will be provided in every other month throughout the year.  Six applications of chemical treatments were included in the proposal.  Shrubs will be trimmed three times per year.  Mr. Olson explained the specific areas throughout the neighborhood that can be serviced, including culverts and other common areas that require maintenance (mowing, weedeating, etc).  The proposal included a bid amount of $225 per month. 

The Board discussed the landscaping expenses for 2011.  The total expenses that were paid out toward landscaping was $2,937.35.  A motion was made to accept the bid from B&A Property Maintenance and all were in favor.  B&A Property Maintenance will be taking care of landscaping services for the 2012 calendar year.

The Treasurer reported to the Board that there was a $491 deficit for the 2011 year.  $10,125 was paid into the CLHOA, and $10,616 was paid out.  This reinforces the Board’s decision in December 2011 to increase annual dues to $65.  The $15 increase will compensate for the deficit. 

The CLHOA Annual Meeting will be held January 17, 2012 at the Liberty Grove Church on Bradley Cove Road.  This meeting is for all Cove Landing homeowners to attend. 

Concerns that contractors performing construction work in some areas of Cove Landing are not providing portable toilet facilities for their workers were expressed to the Board.  Workers have been observed walking out into wooded areas near the areas they are doing work, presumably to relieve themselves, since there are no facilities on the properties on which they are working.  Board members intend to identify the contractor in charge of these projects and request that they provide the necessary facilities for their workers, as to deter them from using wooded areas in the neighborhood for this purpose. 

The Board discussed collection policies that have been unsuccessful in the past, and what can be done to improve.  It was decided upon to do away with “late fees” for the 2012 year.  Instead, annual dues will be payable on or before the 10th day following the annual meeting.  After this date, homeowners that have not submitted payment will be past due and are subject to having liens filed against their properties. 

A sign will be posted the week prior to the annual meeting to notify homeowners of the annual meeting date, time, and place.  The annual fees due will also be posted and date that the dues are payable on or before will be included on the notice.  The Board will order two signs from Posey Printing that will state the following:

CLHOA Annual Meeting
Tuesday, January 17th
Liberty Grove Church – 7 p.m.

Annual Dues: $65 Payable on or before January 27

Please note: No CLHOA dues monies are used for meals, drinks or mileage reimbursement to boardmembers attending the monthly meetings. All board members serve voluntarily.