2012 February

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The Cove Landing HOA Board met on February 7, 2012 at 11:30 a.m. at Brangus Feed Lot. 

Those present: Ernie Enchelmayer, Jane Witherell, Lori Bodinger, Gerald Riley, Kelly Thessing, Robyn Jones, and Warren Morey. 

Ernie Enchelmayer opened the meeting as Board President.  Lori gave Treasurer’s report: The CLHOA account had an ending balance in January of $4716.56.  A deposit totaling $6,080 was made February 1, 2012. 

90 lots past due on annual dues.  These will be turned over for collection by the legal services of attorney Carol Collins.  Questions as to who the checks for payments should be made payable to were brought up. These should be answered by Counselor Collins.  It was determined that the Board prefers that dues be made payable to Collins’ firm, and that once all are collected, one lump sum can be paid to the CLHOA.  The Board will go with the attorney’s advice on what time frame shall be given for payments to be submitted, whether it be 10, 15, 30, or 60 days.

Duties of Treasurer were discussed.  With no members on the Board willing to serve as bookkeeper for the 2012 year, a bookkeeper will be hired.  Hallie Holt accepted the job, and the Board is grateful.  Because Hallie Holt is not a Board member currently, Warren Morey will serve in the position of Treasurer, and will be the designated liaison between the Board and Mrs. Holt. 

Gerald Riley agreed to take care of replacing light bulbs that are out at the entrance of Cove Landing.  The Board discussed the notion that the light bulbs on the west side of the entrance seem to need replacing more frequently than the east side.  Speculations as to the cause of this were discussed.  Perhaps wiring problems are to blame.  The Board will keep an eye on this to determine whether this is a problem.  The Board discussed changing lighting completely, keeping in mind that the lighting as it is currently is set up as to not interfere with security cameras in place at the entrance.  Alternatively, lighting options such as a street light, or globe-type lights placed on top of the brick retaining walls at the entrance could enhance the cameras’ ability to capture more details of passing cars at night. Gerald Riley will discuss options with Jeff Kimbrough from River Valley Satellite. 

Crime watch sign has been shipped and will be posted this month. 

Board positions were determined next.  Jane Witherell was nominated as Board President for 2012 and a motion was made for such.  Motion was seconded and all were in favor.  Gerald Riley was nominated for Vice President.  A motion was made, seconded, and all were in favor.  Robyn Jones was nominated for secretary, a motion was made and seconded, and all were in favor.  Warren Morey agreed to serve in the position as Treasurer, which will assign him the responsibility of being the liaison between the Board and Hallie Holt, the bookkeeper.  A motion was made to cease nominations, and move to accept by acclimation.  All were in favor.  The 2012 CLHOA Board of Directors are as follows:  President: Jane Witherell, Vice President: Gerald Riley, Treasurer: Warren Morey, and Secretary: Robyn Jones.  Additional Board members are Kelly Thessing, Lori Bodinger, and Scott Savage.

The Board intends to notify the homeowner on Walleye that has an RV parked next to their home of the Covenants and Restrictions that prohibit such.  Concerns that the homeowner is allowing someone to live in the camper will be addressed.  All Board members agree that the presence of the camper and that it is being inhabited by someone is out of compliance with the Phase I covenants which prohibit campers being parked within view of the street and also prohibit any temporary structures (including trailers) on any property serving as human habitation, or substandard housing, neither temporarily or permanently.

Kelly Thessing will contact county road department and bring their attention to the drainage problem underneath the road near the west intersection of Channel/Blackfin. The Board feels that this issue is the county road department’s responsibility to remedy. 

Adding reflectors to Walleye and/or lining it with paint was discussed, and Jane Witherell will contact Sid Gray at the county road department in regard to this matter.

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 1:15 p.m.

Please note: No CLHOA dues monies are used for meals, drinks or mileage reimbursement to boardmembers attending the monthly meetings. All board members serve voluntarily.