2011 March

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Today, 08 March 2011, the Cove Landing HOA board met at the Brangus Feedlot and steakhouse at 11:30.

Board members attending:  Jane Witherell, President; Lori Bodinger, Treasurer; Tim Henderson; Gerald Riley; and Ernie Enchelmayer, Secretary

Treasurer’s report: Current checking balance = $6,102.65 and current CD balance = $6,041.39; 36 members HAVE paid their dues for 2011;  23 members have STILL NOT paid their dues for 2010.

Board discussed a Clean-up Cove Landing Day. This would particularly focus on cleaning up the ‘common’ areas of the neighborhood (like the hilltop area of Channel Circle where there are almost two dozen beer cans).  Expanding this idea, the board thought it might be a good idea to have a spring clean-up week where we rented a waste bin from a local waste hauler and let residents put refuse in the bin (for example, like cleaning out a garage or a neighborhood-compliant storage building).

The news on the ‘sewer smell’ at the drainage ditch where Sturgeon meets Channel Circle is that City Corp. found a washed-out sewer line there.  The portion of the line is now fixed, but parents/grandparents should exercise caution in letting children/grandchildren play in the ditch (and the ditches that one feeds) for awhile – at least until several rains have washed the sewage further downstream.  The board is glad someone finally reported the smell.  If you notice anything significantly amiss in your part of Cove Landing – strange smells or a lamp light burned out, for instance – please let someone on the board know.

Are you interested in serving on the Cove Landing HOA board?  Do you know of a neighbor who would be a good addition to the board?  Please nominate yourself or the person(s) you know to serve a term on the board.  This year we have several rotating off the board or board positions for various reasons and we need some volunteers to continue to help make Cove Landing a special place to live.

Board meeting adjourned at 12:40 PM

Next HOA meeting is TUESDAY, 29 MARCH 2011 at 7:00 PM at the Liberty Grove Church on Bradley Cove Road.

Next HOA board meeting should be Tuesday, 05 April 2011 at 11:30 AM at the Brangus Feedlot (unless otherwise noted or meeting is changed to meet the needs of a majority of the board).  This meeting should be set by Jane Witherell and new board officers should be elected at that meeting (unless some are continuing their two-year term).

No monies from the Cove Landing HOA funds were used to pay for any meals/beverages at Brangus Feedlot.