2011 June

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June 7, 2011

The CLHOA board met on Tuesday, June 7 at 11:30 a.m. at Brangus Feed Lot.

Board members present:  Ernie Enchelmayer (President), Jane Witherell (Vice President), Gerald Riley, Randy Roush, and Robyn Jones (Secretary).

No data from the treasurer’s report was available at the June meeting for the board to review.  The treasurer’s report will be reviewed at the July meeting.

The board discussed an email exchange between Cove Landing resident Jeff Horton and board members regarding a homeowner’s responsibility for paying $50 annually to the CLHOA for each lot that belongs to them.  Whether the property is deemed to be “usable” or not, each Cove Landing resident is responsible for paying $50 to the CLHOA annually PER LOT that they own.  Mr. Horton requested that the board consider altering this policy for him because he has been under the impression that only one $50 due was his responsibility, since the 2nd lot that adjoins the one on which his home sits is unusable and was sold along with his home.  Board President Ernie Enchelmayer and Mr. Horton exchanged emails and the CLHOA policies were clearly explained. After careful consideration and discussion, the board came to a decision to waive the annual dues for the unusable lot for the 2011 year, with the understanding that Mr. Horton will be responsible for paying dues on both lots in 2012. A suggestion was made to Mr. Horton that he could check into getting his property re-assessed and deemed as one lot with the county assessor’s office.

The next topic discussed was the response from the Swope family about the pool deck.  A letter was received from Karen Swope in mid-May.  In the letter, a proposal was submitted for a possible solution to the privacy issues that the height of the deck is posing to the neighbors of the Swope’s. Construction of a curtain screen system was proposed which could be closed when the pool deck is in use, and open when the pool deck is not being used.  The board discussed the letter and came to the conclusion that adding onto the current pool deck cannot offer a permanent solution.  Plans for permanent structures are to be submitted for CLHOA review and approval before beginning construction, as outlined in the covenants and restrictions.   In the case of the pool deck on the Swope property, plans were not submitted, reviewed, nor approved by the board.  It was suggested that the Swope family could try contacting the contractor that installed the deck and explaining the violations to the covenants and restrictions to see if the contractor will lower the deck, or otherwise lessen the imposition on the neighbors that the height of the deck is causing currently.

Storage of campers and/or motor homes was the next topic discussed.  Campers and/or motor homes are not to be parked in Cove Landing for any significant length of time.  Ivy’s Cove RV Retreat is a nearby campsite, which is located off of Bradley Cove Road.   Campers and/or motor homes can be parked at this campsite for storage.  David Ivy can be reached at 479-967-3030 with more information about the availability of spots to park your camper or motor homes when not in use.

Complaints about realtor-owned property in Cove Landing that is not being maintained properly (or being kept clean) was the next item discussed.  It is the hope of the board that this issue will improve.  This topic will be discussed further at the next meeting.

Drainage issue on Sturgeon/Channel intersection was discussed.  The county road department visited the area and determined that their funding will not allow for repairs to be made at this time.  It is the hope of the CLHOA board that the county road department will consider this problem when planning for next year’s budget. The Vice President  Jane Witherell contacted the road department during the meeting and called their attention to a pothole that needs repair on Walleye and they agreed to repair it.

The “Yard of the Month” sign could not be located.  Plans to get some quotes on prices of a new sign were discussed.  The board will consult the treasurer to determine if funding is available for the purchase of a new sign as well as prizes for the recipients of the Yard of the Month assignment.

Construction of fencing in the front yard of homes in Cove Landing was discussed next.  The Cove Landing covenants and restrictions address appropriate fencing for Cove Landing.  Those that have erected fencing in their front yards are in violation of the C&Rs.

Finally, a proposal was made by board member Gerald Riley to organize a class through the River Valley Gun Club to teach gun safety and operation, which would offer those that participate an opportunity to become licensed in carrying a concealed weapon.  The concealed carry class would be open to residents of Cove Landing only.  The cost for the class would be $50 for each individual.  Mr. Riley asked the board to consider funding the rental of a venue for which the class would be held.  Although the board supports the idea of the concealed carry class being offered to Cove Landing residents, CLHOA  funds will NOT be allocated for such.  If you know of a location that is appropriate for a class of this sort (especially ones that are reasonably-priced or FREE) or would like any more information, please contact Gerald Riley:gerald@trainyourframe.com

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 1:15 p.m.