2011 July

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The Cove Landing HOA Board met on Wednesday, July 13, 2011 at 11:30 a.m. at Brangus Feed Lot.

Board members present: Ernie Enchelmayer (President), Lori Bodinger (Treasurer), Gerald Riley, and Robyn Jones (Secretary).

The Board addressed concerns that the owners of homes that are currently being rented out may not be receiving notices sent out by the HOA Board regarding meetings and fees. The Board will begin persuing efforts to identify those homes being rented and making contact with the owners of such homes.

Security camera problems were discussed next. It has been brought to the attention of the Board that the cameras at the entrance to Cove Landing need adjustment. Arrangements were made to contact River Valley Satellite about servicing the cameras.

The Treasurer reported the following:

Balance as of May 2011: $10,486.40; Deposits totaling $525 were made; Costs to the HOA totaling $565 were paid out, bringing the balance to $10,446.40 as of June 2011. Since June, an additional $1,800 was received as homeowners continue to pay their annual dues. As of July 13, 2011, 24 known homeowners have not paid annual fees. No fees have been collected from 43 vacant lots to date.

Efforts to identify the owners of the vacant lots that have not paid were discussed so that the CLHOA Board may notify them of their responsibility. Known homeowners that are delinquent will be contacted by the CLHOA Board as well.

The Treasurer also reported that in the year 2010, $9,250 of deposits were made, while $10,048 was paid out. This shortage concerns the Board, as expenses have increased. The suggestion to consider increasing the annual dues was discussed. The Board will consider this further as the need becomes more apparent.

Concerns about one vacant lot in particular on Angelfish was discussed because it is not being maintained or kept clean. Board members discussed what can be done to resolve this issue. Efforts to identify the owner of the property were discussed, and the idea of hiring a lawn maintenance company was suggested to get this lot under control until the owner can be identified and billed by the HOA Board for any such expenses.

Issues with lighting at the entrace to the neighborhood were brought to the attention of the Board. It is evident that some of the lights need replacing, and the Board will seek an electrician to repair and/or replace the lighting at the entrance to Cove Landing.

Gerald Riley prepared the following report concerning the neighborhood crime watch:

“There have been several individuals (ages 10 to 14yrs) that are kicking on doors and then ringing doorbells. The game they are playing is ‘ding dong ditch’, and they are playing it between 11pm and 1am in the morning. I know this is all in fun, and I am all for kids having a good time. But this kind of game being played at that time of night could have an unhappy result, someone may get hurt by accident. As I have indicated before in a prior letter, we have had vandalisms and break-ins along with individuals stealing gas from cars. I myself have had the rear window of my car busted out and have had two individuals caught in my driveway trying to steal gas out of my car at 3 am. I just happened to be awake when someone kicked my door paused for a moment then stuck his head in my door window to see if anyone was awake then rang my doorbell, this happened at 1 am in the morning. Now I have a weapon readily available because of the prior incidents that I have mentioned. What if someone were not as patient as I and panicked. This could have had a tragic ending. The individuals I am speaking of also did the same thing to other residents that evening. One resident gave their statement to the Sheriff (deputy) that responded and myself. You could tell that they were a bit shaken by what happened, especially since they observed three young males beating on their door then running between homes and disappearing somewhere on Angelfish. If this behavior continues and the individuals are identified, Sheriff’s Dept will take action by coming to the home and speaking to the individuals and their parents. If you happen to be on the receiving end of this type of behavior and you can identify the individuals please report it to myself and the Sheriff’s Dept. Thank you……….Gerald Riley, Neighborhood Crime Watch”

A sign for “Yard of the Month” will be designed and constructed by Posey Printing. The Board is looking forward to organizing a committee to be in charge of recognizing a neighbor each month with this sign.

A home on Blackfin that has had multiple cars parked on the property has become a bit of an “eye sore” to the neighborhood. It is the hope of the CLHOA Board that recognizing excellent yard maintenance and curb appeal with the “Yard of the Month” sign will encourage others to take pride in the neighborhood and help to contribute to the reputation that Cove Landing has of being a beautifully maintained and clean subdivision.

The Board meeting adjourned at approximately 1:00 p.m