2011 April

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April 5, 2011

The Cove Landing Homeowner’s Association Board Meeting was held today at the Brangus Feedlot (owned by one of Cove Landing’s residents, Mr. Matt Brady). The Board opened the meeting at 11:30 and concluded business by 1:00 PM.

Present today:

Jane Witherell, Lori Bodinger, Nancy Curtis, Gerald Riley, Robyn Jones, Randy Roush, Ron Chenault

I. Nancy Curtis stepped down from the board due to her job but will help out as needed. Thanks Nancy!!!! We will miss you!!! Nancy’s departure opened a spot and Ernie Enchelmayer was appointed back to the board and was nominated for President. Members discussed board positions and voted as follows:

Ernie Enchelmayer, President

Jane Witherell, Vice President

Lori Bodinger, Treasurer

Robyn Jones, Secretary

Gerald Riley, Leader of Neighborhood Watch Program

II. It was mentioned that the board should focus on the following:

  1. Security
  2. Reducing homeowners’ insurance (fire)
  3. Dues
  4. Road Conditions

III. Gerald is planning a neighborhood Watch meeting and will contact those interested soon with the time, place and date. April 30th the River Valley Gun Club is holding a Ladies Concealed Weapons class.

IV. The current balance in the Cove Landing HOA account is: $9,901.53.