This declaration of Restrictive Covenants is made by Black Ink, Inc., hereinafter referred to as GRANTOR, being the owner of that portion of the area in the phase of the subdivision known as Cove Landing Subdivision, Phase II, the original Restrictive Covenants for which were placed of record for said subdivision on November 25, 1998 and now appear at Pope County Record Book 29B, at pages 255 through 266, inclusive, said Grantor constituting the only party required to effect the modification of said Restrictive Covenants.

WITNESSETH: WHEREAS, the original Restrictive Covenants were filed of record in a document recorded at Book 29B, page 255 and following; and WHEREAS, it appears that the building setback requirements set forth in paragraph 6 thereof contain a mistake and need to be changed; and WHEREAS, the only party whose signature is required has agreed to make that change. NOW THEREFORE, in consideration of the covenants and other consideration, the receipt and adequacy of which are by the signatures below admitted and confirmed, and in consideration of the advantage to accrue to the subdivision by making the proposed changes, Grantor does hereby amend paragraph 6 to read: for those lots identified in the second sentence of this paragraph no building shall be constructed on any lot nearer to the street than 50 feet, nearer to any side lot line than 15 feet, and nearer to any rear lot line than 25 feet, (in any conflicts between this paragraph and the filed plat, this paragraph shall govern). Lots 94 through 108 inclusive, 110, 112 and 124 shall have front lot construction setbacks of 30 feet, side lot setbacks of 15 feet and near lot line setbacks of 25 feet. This agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties respecting the issues covered herein and all other agreements on this subject matter as deemed merged within this agreement. These RESTRICTIVE COVENANTS shall run with the land as provided for in the original Bill of Assurance.